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A: Basically, what do I need if I want to open a rental company?
A warehouse, one engineer supervisor and a labour team and transport vehicles.

B: How can I manage a good rental company?
A responsible warehouse keeper, well trained team will make you a success.

C: How can I make my stock in good order and all part use longer?

Buy some necessary transport racks, carry bags, and put everything on top of the pallet, make sure everything comes in or goes out have a clear record.
Train your worker to care about all parts like your baby, teach them to keep bolts and nuts first, then they will know how to keep other big parts.

D: How can I guarantee safety for each delivery and installation?
Make sure to check the site condition  before delivery including wind speed, ground level, ground condition
never leave your marquee alone on site overnight, make sure there is aways site keeper there, or site security
who can keep you informed for any unexpected extreme cases.

E: Where can we get  professional training on installation and rental management?
We do provide first time training on installation and management training as well when you place order and if you need this service.

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